GRUBSTREET The Absolute Best Places to Eat Vegan in New York Updated Feb. 13, 2019 (listed since 2017)

This under-the-radar osteria with a vegetarian bent went totally meatless in early 2019, but 75 percent of the menu is straight-up vegan or vegan-izable. What’s more, it’s all pretty good, especially crisp squares of panelle served with vegan lemon aïoli and pastas like butternut-squash-stuffed ravioli. Pizza’s the thing, though, and it comes two ways: as oval-shaped pinsa Romana (made with a high-hydration dough and a mix of flours), and in the Neapolitan montanara-style: flash-fried, topped with vegan “cheese,” then baked, which gives the dough a bit of a flavor boost.

GOTHAMIST The Best Fried Food In NYC March 16th, 2017

...if you're curious about this concoction (called the montanera, by the way, and originally from Italy), or just want an exceptionally pleasant place to eat a meal, Adelina's in Greenpoint is your move. Only the crust is fried, not the whole pie, and it's chewier and more crackly than what you're used to, but get it topped with cheese and spicy sausage as I always do and you'll be wholly satisfied.

THE VILLAGE VOICE, BEST OF NYC 2016  Best Italian Restaurant That's Quietly Super Vegan-Friendly October 19th, 2016

...Adelina's is honing a recipe that every dairy-free eater on Instagram is going crazy for. Combine that with fluffy gnocchi in pesto, vegan desserts, and an incredible natural wine selection, and Adelina's is bound to become a destination.

EDIBLEBROOKLYN.COM  We’ve Found Vegan Pizza Paradise in Greenpoint july 6th, 2016

...A fluffy gnocchi in pesto is as thoughtful as the mushroom-studded The Woodland pie, making you feel cared for and at home, no matter your diet....

GREENPOINTERS.COM  Inside Adelina’s: Street Art, Tapped Wine, and Vegan Cuisine June 29th, 2016

Toby Buggiani describes his 4-year-old wine bar and restaurant as “a tiny, quirky space” where he gets elbow-deep in pizza dough and fresh vegetables on the daily. It’s a quiet little nook in Greenpoint (159 Greenpoint Avenue) where the things he loves can thrive: inventive art, plant-based cuisine, natural wine, and an ethos rooted in simplicity....

AM NEW YORK Slice of the week: Adelina's Pizza Fritta Montanara June 17th 2015

If there ever were any way to make pizza better, frying it is a pretty good option.

The signature Neapolitan-style pizza fritta montanara at Adelina's, a husband and wife owned Italian restaurant in Greenpoint, is not to be missed.

Adelina's pizza fritta features a fried dough crust. The outer edges are just slightly crispy with a warm, lush inside, giving your final bites of each slice a pillowy, bready finish. The center of the pie is flat, pooled with toppings that ooze just enough from one slice to another.

Available with meat, vegetarian and even vegan toppings, the pizza fritta's crust is just the base to a delicious pie.

The Original pie, topped with tomato sauce, mozzerella and basil is rich in tangy tomato flavor and creamy cheese. Adding sopressata or porcini mushrooms doesn't take away from the purity of the near perfect simple pizza,  but adds another level of flavor for those craving another hint of spice or savoriness.

To really allow the esteemed crust to shine, opt for a sauce-less pie, perhaps the Blue Fig with prosciutto, gorgonzola and fig jam or The Truffler with fontina, ricotta and mushrooms.

With 8 customizable menu options for 10" pies, $12-16, and nine additional toppings ($2-3), the possiblities are practically endless for what you can enjoy with this delectible fried pizza dough.

Also, there's wine on tap.

BROOKLYN BASED July 11th, 2013

delicious, local-ingredient pizza

SERIOUS EATS The Vegetarian Option: A Vegetable-Heavy Italian Menu at Adelina's in Greenpoint July 26th 2013

...its diverse, vegetarian-friendly menu offers plenty of affordable and appealing options good for sharing along with a bottle of wine.

GREENPOINTERS.COM Best Of Greenpoint 2012 December 27th 2012

Best New Restaurant: Adelina's

BROKELYN.COM Brunch roundup: The 7 best brunch spots in Greenpoint October 25th, 2012

Rated top brunch in Greenpoint

Relative newcomer Adelina tops my Greenpoint brunch list on Brokelyn and in real life. Owner Toby Buggiani has curated a personalized spot that is accessible to all, both in price and ambience; he walks the talk too as he can often be seen both working in the kitchen and greeting customers....Though more traditional options are available (and delicious), my must-have brunch item is the Pizza Fritta Al Uovo, a full personal pizza with truffled egg, fontina & sun-dried tomato on fresh baked and fried peasant bread.